Use Unix command in Windows Console

Its hard for me to use windows command line as most of my work are dealing with
unix os. Laptop provided by my company are using Windows XP, so its been difficult
each time i want to edit configuration and do some analyzing or diagnostics using
Windows command line.

To make this easier for me, i combine these 3 tools working in my windows path
VIM for windows, UnxUtils and winbash. Some people will use cygwin instead.

You can download it right here:

UnxUtils -
Winbash -

So, install in any directory in your windows machine, I put in in C.
And set your environment path to point to \

How to set environment path in windows?

i - Go To My computer properties
ii - Advanced Tab
iii - Click on "Environment Variables"
iv - Goto "System Variables"
v -Edit PATH entries. Add exe dir into here.

Then, wallah.. you can ls ,pwd, grep, and all commands in unxutils from any directory.


Anonymous said...

Dude, it's voila... not wallah

Unless you're being funny...