After the 7th December
aftermath continous?

What about 7th December Its my birtday la, but on my birtday nite i was in jb doing my job. My bos ask me to go to JB on 6th Dec around 12pm and i depart around 3pm and arrive in Pasir Gudang around 8pm. Start doing my job till 1am on 7th Dec. This is the most miserable birtday nite in my life after that me and my colleague Elson went out to have our dinner on that dead city of Pasir Gudang and only 1 shop is open to let us have dinner, damn hungry that time. Afterall Elson belanja me la as that was my birtday nite. Then check in Hotel and flat sleep till tomorrow 10pm. Reach KL around 8pm after i bring Elson jalan-jalan to JB coz he never been there before not like me stay in JB for 4 years as i study there before. So after i reach my home, and laying down in front of my tv set with my frens, i could smeel of their intention to celebrate my birthday like last year i got TWO eggs on my head and a packet of flour in my bedroom but this time im aware !! But when its about a "perkena member" just give to 4 tricky head of my frens la benjoe,suhail,fairun n seme. Damn they are good in lying ! This time i got twice first time in Kitchen when i bring my dirty clothes to washing machine - this time they put i egg and my body now full of SABUN BASUH (who dont know it was washing detergent)!! Sh*t haha this time they are crazy. Then as my body is so not comfortable, i smeel like washing machine man with eggs !!! Then i go to have my bath, i thought that was over but when i went out from bathroom benjoe had this evil's smile on his face then i kena one more time this time with expired corn flours oooo hell this time i cant even open my eyes to defend i got attacked continously till i open my eyes that bathroom was all yellow all because of the expired flours.... damnnnnnn !!

notes :
7 Disember merupakan hari ke-341 (hari ke-342 dalam tahun lompat) dalam kalendar Gregory. Tinggal 24 hari sebelum memasuki tahun selepasnya.