+++++++++++++Hey Mama++++++++++

What a freaky song hahaha. Good song actually it can be a reminder to anybody who r at party to their mama.
Man, this 3 weeks had been a bz weeks for me except for today and yesterday when all engineers and technical come back from outstation. Thank god i can sit here and make same books reading and review.


Good day yeah at last i hv make my self to the convocation day. Hahahha. Meet many old friends at UTM miss u all dude. My picture not available for this moment, kewl stuff there.


For this 2 weeks its like hell. I have to go every where, KL-PUTRAJAYA-KAJANG-NEGERISEMBILAN-JELEBU. Damn...
But for the next month i will station back at ptm. Thank god.

[musique on air]
-ye ye gaji masuk arini

The Super Thongs and sThingy :: LapoenSer

Hell Ya.......

ANSARABP99 vs MMU Select
Time : 5.00pm
Venue : MMU Football Field

Lil review on yesterday match. One thing only sucks hahahahha from the jersey, field, match, shoes and fitness. Hahahha.

The Truth and Lies
Shoppin'?Walkin'?Clubbin'?Joggin'?Racin'? All aren't good waaaaaaaargh like wanna take MC and Leave this place............. chow

[musiqe on aeir]
-Oliveti feat. Casioan