Cold and Hot :: Not water but watee aaa

Hello hye at Penang Bridge is badly conjested from both way because one crazy stripper doing her show at the middle of the bridges, so to all ladies please watch ur husband or bofriend to stay in the car or else im sure both of u will start fighting. Hahahha. If Precilia Patrick read this on the traffic report its damn cool hahaha.

Im sure its cool. I thought i'll be at the MOH-Pusat Teknologi Maklumat but its like crap to me when Hospital Kajang suddenly appoint us to manage their sppd system network that using very old system. They use sparc20 with solaris 2.6 and a single processor with 75mhz. How could be man, im sure some times my weeekend will be interupted by Hospital Kajang call. Ahh. They still use all the Terminal Servers and Dumb Terminal Technology man, its ok if the Xyplex Terminal Server doing great job but sometimes the Xyplex is as crazy as liverFOOL... hahaha dont marah liverpool fan... sometimes its ok sometimes its not dammnn it.

Last 2 weeks we had a futsal session attend by almost 12 peoples, they are me, suhail,odeng,benjoe, aziz,akmal,hafidz kambing,mat syah,remy,aiman,amir and.... who im missing here? sorry dude. The planning only for 1 hour but the 2 maluri and cheras suck us when they arrive 5 minutes before 1 hour session played. Damn it so they want 1 more hour..... oh meet our damn senior there ... oh forgot to mention bern is further his study at UK, hmmm how many years it would be .. hahaa....

[musique on air]
-no except this cold room make me wanna piss out.