National Automative Police (NAP) VS Fuel Price Hike up

This is the most talk topics all over Malaysia at the moment. I dont want to argue anything because there will be a pro and contra regarding this issue and this will sure effects the Malaysia economy enviroment. But one thing i want to highlight here is each times when the goverment announce the new price for fuel there will always be a comparison table of all ASEAN countries on all media. At the end of the price hikeup announcement show, this is the favourite quotes use by media to show that our's is still one of the cheapest in the region. The quote will similar like this in BM " Walaubagaimana pun, rakyat Malaysia masih menikmati harga terendah bagi seliter petrol berbanding negara-negara ASEAN yang lain".

For me this is very unfair statement, even media try to compare our fuel price with England what a joke. Please do some math on the salary per expenses from their country.

Now, the NAP is out and why not since i dont know when they dont compare our car price with Thailand or Indo car price. Its much fair if gov try to compare with Thai alone as they are also country who had their Automotive industry because as we all know now Thailand has become Detroit for Asia. Please think about it, why Honda Jazz in Malaysia is RM100k but in Thailand around RM70K. Why we can't have a cheapar car... uhhhhhh even CKD model in Malaysia is not much diff with imported car.

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Syed or Sayid or Sayyid or Sayed

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Sayyid (Arabic: سيد also rendered as syed, seyyed, sayyed, saiyed, or sayeed) is an honorific title often given to claimed descendants of the Prophet Muhammad through his grandsons, Husayn and Hasan, the sons of his daughter Fatima Zahra and his son-in-law Ali ibn Abi Talib (who was Muhammad's younger cousin and had been raised in his household).

Some Muslims also use the term sayyid for the descendants of Abu Talib, uncle of Muhammad, by his other sons: Jafar, Aqeel and Talib.

The term should not be confused with the popular name "Sa'id" or "Saeed", which is an Arabic and Persian word meaning "happy."

The word means literally "master"; the closest English equivalent would be Sir or Lord. In the Arab worldIraq, the word is still used as a substitute for Mister, as in sayyid\sayed John Smith. The same concept is expressed by the word sidi (from Arabic word 'sayyidi') in the western dialects of Arabic. itself, with the exception of

Alevis use Sayed as an honorific before the names of their saints.

Other Arabic honorific terms include sheikh and sharif. The line of Hassani sayyeds who ruled Mecca and Medina and now rule in Jordan, the Hashemites, bore the title Sharif.

Sayyids often include the following titles in their names to indicate the figure from whom they trace their descent. If they are descended from more than one notable ancestor or Shi'a Imam, they will use the title of the ancestor from whom they are most directly descended.

Names are given as spelled, in the Arabic alphabet; the al, or the, does not vary, no matter what follows it. Titles are given as prounounced; here, the "al" varies according to the following sound.

An i, wi, or vi ending could perhaps be translated by the English suffixes ite or ian. The suffix transforms a personal name, or a place name, into the name of a group of people connected by lineage or place of birth. Hence Ahmad al-Hashimi could be translated as Ahmad of the lineage of Hassan and Ahmad al-Harrani as Ahmad from the city of Harran. For further explanation, see Arabic names.

p/s: Lets learn some arab.

101 Ways to Make Money off Open Source

This is the way, free doesnt mean you'll get totally free !!!

So why 101, well just like with my previous list the reasons are the same. "101 reasons is actually a pretty ambitious number, however its always good to aim high first. If you don't succeed you could always relax the criteria for success! " So here's the latest accumulated list:

  1. Sell the Reference Manual ( JBoss)
  2. Sell a subscription of the documentation (CDN)
  3. Sell the Installer (Out of the Box)
  4. Sell Custom Software Development (CDN)
  5. Sell Pre-Integrated Applications (JCorporate, RedHat ACS)
  6. Sell "Enterprise" version. (WSAD, Sun Studio)
  7. Sell Extensions (Instantiations, Embarcadero, SlickEdit )
  8. Sell a Consumer Device (Tivo)
  9. Sell Proprietary Software by improving Open Source Software (Poseidon)
  10. Sell Code Management Services (Sourceforge, Sourcecast)
  11. Sell Hosting Services (JCentric, WebApp Cabaret, EApps)
  12. Sell an Application Service Provider (?)
  13. Sell Conferences (JBoss)
  14. Charge for changing the License (SOFIA)
  15. Sue people using Open Source (SCO)
  16. Publish books for Open Source (Oreilly, Manning, Wiley)
  17. Sell A Book (Jason Hunter, Martin Fowler)
  18. Sell Development Tools (see Adalon, Camino for Struts)
  19. Sell a Magazine (Open source magazine)
  20. Sell Business Applications (Compiere, Ofbiz)
  21. Sell Speaking Engagements (NFJS)
  22. Sell Open Source Migration Services
  23. Sell White Box Hardware (Penguin)
  24. Sell A Subscription Plan for Integrated Components (MyEclipse)
  25. Sell A Network Appliance (SourceFire)
  26. Sell Project Management Services (Assembla)
  27. Sell Training (CDN)
  28. Sell Adverstising (SourceForge, Javalobby, TheServerSide)
  29. Sell A Proprietary Product, Advertise using Open Source (RefactorIT)
  30. Sell Computer Time (Internet Cafe)
  31. Sell Gaming Time (?)
  32. Sell Proprietary Software built using Open Source Software Tools (Ant, JUnit, Eclipse)
  33. Sell Proprietary Software Bundling Open Source Software (WebMethods, Cysive)
  34. Sell Support and Maintenance Plans (JBoss)
  35. Sell Certification (JBoss)
  36. Sell Systems Administration Services
  37. Sell On-Site Consulting and Coaching (CDN)
  38. Sell Remote Debugging and Trouble Shooting (CDN) [duplicate of 34?]
  39. Sell Open Source Application Specialized for a Particular Domain (Timesys for Realtime domains, Xemo for Music)
  40. Sell Accessories ( ThinkGeek , JoyOfTech )
  41. Sell Network Usage ( iMode )
  42. Solicit Donations
  43. Sell Glue to tie it all together (10xSoftware, platinum solutions )
  44. Sell PDAs (Sharp)
  45. Sell Cellphones (Motorola Linux based)
  46. Sell Insurance (Open Source Risk Management)