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Sayyid (Arabic: سيد also rendered as syed, seyyed, sayyed, saiyed, or sayeed) is an honorific title often given to claimed descendants of the Prophet Muhammad through his grandsons, Husayn and Hasan, the sons of his daughter Fatima Zahra and his son-in-law Ali ibn Abi Talib (who was Muhammad's younger cousin and had been raised in his household).

Some Muslims also use the term sayyid for the descendants of Abu Talib, uncle of Muhammad, by his other sons: Jafar, Aqeel and Talib.

The term should not be confused with the popular name "Sa'id" or "Saeed", which is an Arabic and Persian word meaning "happy."

The word means literally "master"; the closest English equivalent would be Sir or Lord. In the Arab worldIraq, the word is still used as a substitute for Mister, as in sayyid\sayed John Smith. The same concept is expressed by the word sidi (from Arabic word 'sayyidi') in the western dialects of Arabic. itself, with the exception of

Alevis use Sayed as an honorific before the names of their saints.

Other Arabic honorific terms include sheikh and sharif. The line of Hassani sayyeds who ruled Mecca and Medina and now rule in Jordan, the Hashemites, bore the title Sharif.

Sayyids often include the following titles in their names to indicate the figure from whom they trace their descent. If they are descended from more than one notable ancestor or Shi'a Imam, they will use the title of the ancestor from whom they are most directly descended.

Names are given as spelled, in the Arabic alphabet; the al, or the, does not vary, no matter what follows it. Titles are given as prounounced; here, the "al" varies according to the following sound.

An i, wi, or vi ending could perhaps be translated by the English suffixes ite or ian. The suffix transforms a personal name, or a place name, into the name of a group of people connected by lineage or place of birth. Hence Ahmad al-Hashimi could be translated as Ahmad of the lineage of Hassan and Ahmad al-Harrani as Ahmad from the city of Harran. For further explanation, see Arabic names.

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