After a week,many things happen.

Go to Jhr with Mr Choo regarding to Jhr Problem,(he did found my house to pick me up be4 we go to Jb haha) we started at JB for the 1st day,stay at Afrdundi BBU, sementara tunggu lepak kat Danga Bay usha ngorat awek Jb nga Choo,gile jugak org tua ni rupenya hahahha. Pkd JB ade prob ngan Router dia. interface hang.
TGIF-Thanks god its Friday. Todayis bz, after settle prob at JKN Jhr, we move to pontian, agh this is Telekom Problem.Layer 2 deactivated what. After settel down round 530pm we move to Kluang.
Kluang hspital lama, seramplak aku. Sib baik problemkecik, lepas tuka BRI card dan cable terus ok router tu.
After work ::-went to Quality Hotel, Laloq kata ada show, rupenye tukang jaga artis ngan lampu. HhAHAHAH yg paling lawak, i go to find Ruffedge because they very late,kak yati is already marah2.. after found them at lobby, i walk with them la. Then come one man to me and ask..."Abg ni band ruffedge sekali ek" hahah nasib baik aku tak kata yes, mau dia tandatangan aku.
Mlm lepak Uptown ngan Has,Suhail,seme,mmber dia.lupa dah
G-Shock vs G-Chick

Hmmm, had many work to do in my list today. Just escape to go LCD Projector installation today, thank god im tired because of euro fever last night. But this week i'll go to JB follow mr choo do some troubleshooting job maybe at HSA or Kluang Hospital.
But for now im going to rest because England will face Croatia tonite and surely its a good and tight game.

For me, predictible for this stage, although Gree qualify for the quater final but i dont think Greece will go further than that....

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Linux Doc. on Progress

Today i just finished up my task. Afternoon i have finished up the STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO CTM ADDING MATERIAL. A very simple guide, i thought i want to just give a title as CTM ADDING MATERIAL for DUMMIES, but surely not approve hahahah. Then just finish mu 1st draft my Linux Training guide. Esok sambung.. Below is picture of me with odeng and suhail... taken after odeng come back from cameron highlands with his bos digital camera.


Ahhh my soar throat getting better but my cough is get into my life..Today after masuk ofis and check my email and all of those stuff i depart to open my KWSP account at Yayasan S'gor building at PJ, just beside the AMCORP Mall. Takde mood nak balik ofis lepas tu then just merayap dalam tu pastu makan McD. I got 2 assignment today. The first one is to finish the training documentation for Red Hat Linux, hmm my favourite and this is an opportunity to me lah, after i compile all the articles maybe i can take the documentation and publish it to Malaysian users so many peoples will use Linux as their Operating System.Hmmm then i have to finished the CTM Material upload content documentation. CTM is the program for Video Conferencing make especially to Doctors around Malaysia to communicate if there's a problem.

Hmm yesterday i went for an Interview at Scan Associates.. at first i went there for he post of Jr. Security Consultant and look at my young age interviewer (Shahril) if im not mistaken, suggest me to consider for the Security Analyst post... its ok either one mr shahril as long as i can get a job in that comp... c yaaaa

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[MyTekak !== Sakit] else [Sleep]

There's something like a rock in my throat in here. Duh not a good day today. Maybe because of the weather today or it was spread by odeng. I think weather, yesterday i go to JKN S'gor to solve some problems there because we can't telnet or remote access from here to their network and their Cisco router is in problems. Then i just sit there wait my bos solve the problems because he is the hussler one la. Got CCIE on progress, just do some show run but the machine like have a memory problems then my bos said it maybe because of the vunerable because same problem at Perlis. The problem is the temp in that server room is very cold then i go outside it's very hot. Ahhh then i feel like hot inside the body. Pity me?

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This morning i had a meeting with HR Mgr. Just an introduction session because she just come back to office after a long break. Then after that see my bos to get his signature because im apply for leave this monday. Then i go to my pc do some sniffing with this program called ngSniff.

And this is some of the result, like the other sniff products do
IP->version: 4
IP->ihl: 5
IP->tos: 0
IP->tot_len: 109
IP->id: 63768
IP->frag_off: 64
IP->ttl: 127
IP->protocol: 6
IP->checksum: 48977

TCP->sport: 1208
TCP->dport: 5101
TCP->seq: -889051087
TCP->ack: -184012413
TCP->off: 5
TCP->flags: PUSH|ACK
TCP->window: 63264
TCP->checksum: 27733
TCP->urp: 0

----- Begin of data dump -----
59 4d 53 47 00 0b 00 00 00 31 00 4d 00 00 00 00 YMSG.....1.M....
ce 7e 52 11 34 c0 80 65 6f 77 65 6e 61 38 31 c0 .~R.4..eowena81.
80 35 c0 80 73 71 65 77 6e 75 63 78 c0 80 31 33 .5..sqewnucx..13
c0 80 37 c0 80 34 39 c0 80 50 45 45 52 54 4f 50 ..7..49..PEERTOP
45 45 52 c0 80 EER..
----- End of data dump -----

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-=\\Till Dawn //=-
After a long day and nite on Monday, im off for a sleep yesterday.
Today i think i just rest till 5pm. Hahaha. Just pretending there's something had to do. Of course my emasjid still on progress but in very slow motion mode.

This is the snapshot for the emasjid portal project, what i can say it was 95% by me and using DotNet..... If u see its like phpnuke or something like that. Easy to customize.

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Jimmy's CTM Video Conferencing
New Record :: was made by me tonite !!

It was a long nite and still do not reach it's end yet. The tendering work very tired. Stay here from yesterday but now 4.26 am there's no sign the job is goin to finished in an hour. Ahhhhhh im tired.

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My Statica Review - On The Silver Road

Dude, this weekend i had some other futsal session with suhail's friends mostly from MAS (5 are engineer from KLIA) but theres no pramugari either normal one or terlampau hahahha. Damn it suhail no accompany at all. Ahh my leg sakit again lemah tak bermaya. Adih kena selalu jogging ni.

And on saturday i go to Nippon's house in putrajaya to attending a majlis kahwin. His sister married with Akmal Rizal one of the Malaysia player, if the wedding was concern the only thing peoples talk about is Akmal not the lady side hahahahha. That is the disadvantage if you married with popular person.

Aduh, aku rasa bersalah gila kat nazida pasal dah janji ngan dia tapi tak jadi pick up her. Damn aku rasa guilty, lagilah kalau time tu dia dah bersiap. Pasal aku penah jadi cam tu dulu bengang gile babeng. Sorry again kalau ko baca sini Nazida.

But the most damn scene is when we saw Aziz in Buletin Utama at Sport session when he took national team picture. Dont know why that TV3 cameraman take aziz's pic maybe his wearing ac milan jersey. Hhahahhaha damn it we are not in TV. We frustrated actually especially suhail hahahah amik ko.

Guy's forget to mention this. This site is cool and they have done a good work till now and i can see they will grown up. Good Job guys.

Hmmmm feeling good today although i dont have so much work today. Just pretending to have one. :D
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Its on DELAY ::

Hmmm, look at the last blog i have wrote is about 2or 3 months old. I think i want to make this blog a my routine but damn it im a lazy guy hahahahha. Im not even inspired by anyone, even when i look at madpozi's blog ( Hmmmmmmm. Now im a working guy and soon after a good day i'll have a good life. Hhahaha. Just move to a new house with odeng and seme. Surely Suhail will be jelous punya lah. Our house still empty but soon will be the most happenning house in Jasmine Apartment, you will see it son !! say Mr Mauriciou. Hahahaha gelak kaya.

Im lucky cause i only tanam the anggur 2 weeks then get a job after finished my study, then quit the 1st job go to this network engineer position. Now im feel not very good here, dont know why mainly because i cant utilize my knowledge and my skills, al maklumlah semuanya hussler Microsoft. Nak buat camne, so at first im thinking to stay here maybe as long as 6 months, but after last months i decide any interview this month i go. Last 2 days, i had an online short interview ( i guess !!! hahah) for Network Engineer post at OSK, Jalan Ampang. Dont know either they will call me later or what. Then yesterday, Mr Hafiz from Scan-Associates, well known (some peoples only) system security consultant called me for an interview this 14th June. Wish me luck everybody.

Hmmmm... ohh this saturday i'll go to Nippon's (aka Amir) sister wedding with Akmal Rizal (football player). Maybe i'll pick up Nazida first.
The Party Song by VE for me enjoyable.
Then........sooner or later i'll write again. But dont know why. See yall.

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