Its on DELAY ::

Hmmm, look at the last blog i have wrote is about 2or 3 months old. I think i want to make this blog a my routine but damn it im a lazy guy hahahahha. Im not even inspired by anyone, even when i look at madpozi's blog ( Hmmmmmmm. Now im a working guy and soon after a good day i'll have a good life. Hhahaha. Just move to a new house with odeng and seme. Surely Suhail will be jelous punya lah. Our house still empty but soon will be the most happenning house in Jasmine Apartment, you will see it son !! say Mr Mauriciou. Hahahaha gelak kaya.

Im lucky cause i only tanam the anggur 2 weeks then get a job after finished my study, then quit the 1st job go to this network engineer position. Now im feel not very good here, dont know why mainly because i cant utilize my knowledge and my skills, al maklumlah semuanya hussler Microsoft. Nak buat camne, so at first im thinking to stay here maybe as long as 6 months, but after last months i decide any interview this month i go. Last 2 days, i had an online short interview ( i guess !!! hahah) for Network Engineer post at OSK, Jalan Ampang. Dont know either they will call me later or what. Then yesterday, Mr Hafiz from Scan-Associates, well known (some peoples only) system security consultant called me for an interview this 14th June. Wish me luck everybody.

Hmmmm... ohh this saturday i'll go to Nippon's (aka Amir) sister wedding with Akmal Rizal (football player). Maybe i'll pick up Nazida first.
The Party Song by VE for me enjoyable.
Then........sooner or later i'll write again. But dont know why. See yall.

Musique on Air :
VE - Party Like This