My Statica Review - On The Silver Road

Dude, this weekend i had some other futsal session with suhail's friends mostly from MAS (5 are engineer from KLIA) but theres no pramugari either normal one or terlampau hahahha. Damn it suhail no accompany at all. Ahh my leg sakit again lemah tak bermaya. Adih kena selalu jogging ni.

And on saturday i go to Nippon's house in putrajaya to attending a majlis kahwin. His sister married with Akmal Rizal one of the Malaysia player, if the wedding was concern the only thing peoples talk about is Akmal not the lady side hahahahha. That is the disadvantage if you married with popular person.

Aduh, aku rasa bersalah gila kat nazida pasal dah janji ngan dia tapi tak jadi pick up her. Damn aku rasa guilty, lagilah kalau time tu dia dah bersiap. Pasal aku penah jadi cam tu dulu bengang gile babeng. Sorry again kalau ko baca sini Nazida.

But the most damn scene is when we saw Aziz in Buletin Utama at Sport session when he took national team picture. Dont know why that TV3 cameraman take aziz's pic maybe his wearing ac milan jersey. Hhahahhaha damn it we are not in TV. We frustrated actually especially suhail hahahah amik ko.

Guy's forget to mention this. This site is cool and they have done a good work till now and i can see they will grown up. Good Job guys.

Hmmmm feeling good today although i dont have so much work today. Just pretending to have one. :D
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