Ahhh my soar throat getting better but my cough is get into my life..Today after masuk ofis and check my email and all of those stuff i depart to open my KWSP account at Yayasan S'gor building at PJ, just beside the AMCORP Mall. Takde mood nak balik ofis lepas tu then just merayap dalam tu pastu makan McD. I got 2 assignment today. The first one is to finish the training documentation for Red Hat Linux, hmm my favourite and this is an opportunity to me lah, after i compile all the articles maybe i can take the documentation and publish it to Malaysian users so many peoples will use Linux as their Operating System.Hmmm then i have to finished the CTM Material upload content documentation. CTM is the program for Video Conferencing make especially to Doctors around Malaysia to communicate if there's a problem.

Hmm yesterday i went for an Interview at Scan Associates.. at first i went there for he post of Jr. Security Consultant and look at my young age interviewer (Shahril) if im not mistaken, suggest me to consider for the Security Analyst post... its ok either one mr shahril as long as i can get a job in that comp... c yaaaa

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