No Guns Here Please

One of the signboard in the hotel lobby

Cool Band from UK: Razorlights

I heard their concerts in NY on my flight from Yemen to Dubai just now. Their songs are super cool for me.

P/S:Posting from Dubai International Airport, wait for my next posting on my job trip to Sana'a Yemen. Im now waiting for next flight to KL.

How the markets really work

Anwar Ibrahim Press Conference

Handbag for FREE????????

No kidding!!! It's FREE @ Handbag Planet.. they are giving awat 24 handbags in 24 hours on 15th Oct 2008 for the new launch of its website!! All u need to do is just log on to the website Handbag Planet and enter your name and email. Those bags that u need to choose from are fabulous too!!! So just choose which ever that catch ur attention!! Do it NOW before its too late.. who knows one of us are lucky enuf to get that free handbag!!!! GOOD LUCK GIRLS!!