Annoying sendmail message

Sep 19 13:01:00 myserver sendmail[3637]: [ID 702911 mail.alert] unable to qualify my own domain name (myserver) -- using short name

If you setup a unix bos especially solaris and do not configure sendmail for your own reason this messages will come a lot and will annoy you. So to stop it bothering you to do your work this is what you had to do
(err the dirty way :) )

#vi /etc/hosts

1) go to your server entry line

# Internet host table
# localhost myserver

After myserver put a single dot "." , so it will become like this
# Internet host table
# localhost myserver.

Now the annoying
unable to qualify my own domain name is gone.

This actually a sendmail error/warning /notification messages, the other way round is you just disable sendmail services in your box.