Malaysia's New Car Model is coming out

Since last year after Proton launch brand new Proton model called GEN.2 with a code name WRM (Wira Replacement Model) their CEO told the media that at least by the end of year 2004 they will launch another series of replacement model for Tiara and Satria. But the year ended, and so far theres no final date or month when they are going to release the new model.

But, as we all know Perodua , Malaysia's 2nd larger carmaker is going to launch their latest model at least by the end of Mei 2005. The Pictures of the latest model of the Perodua with code name Perodua MyVI is spread over the internet since middle of last month added with a frontpage coverage by Harian Metro on 8th April 2004. The model come out from the inspired model from Daihatsu called Daihatsu Boon. Actually this model is a joint venture project between Toyota and Daihatsu to challenge the same specs model from Honda, Hyundai, Chevrolet etc. With the same design for this model except a little changes at the front and rear bumper, the Toyoto use their VVTI engine meanwhile Daihatsu use their DVVT engine same as Perodua will use for the Perodua MyVI. The Perodua MyVI will come out with 1.0 and 1.3 DVVT engine with a price range from RM42K to RM50K ++ (im not sure about this yet) but the rumours said so. But for Malaysians audience out there, all Malaysia's made cars starting this year will be equiped with Airbags if you notice the government order to reduce the death accident in Malaysia. I hope this will help :). This is the snap.

And then this is the review from the SpyShot reviews (spy shot is a group in UK who are going to spy a latest model from carmaker). So this what they said :

Spy Shot: Proton TRM and SRM Two new Protons have been spotted testing: they're both due for launch in Malaysia very shortly, with European sales to follow later this summer. The smaller car - the five-door model with flat-backed tailgate - is codenamed TRM, and it's a budget city car to take on the likes of the Kia Picanto, Fiat Panda, Chevrolet Matiz and Perodua Kelisa: expect very competitive prices. In Malaysia, it replaces a model called Tiara, which was a rebadged version of the old Citroen AX in production till 2000, though the Tiara name may not be used again for an all-new car. It will be fitted with a 1.2-litre Renault petrol engine.

Although the SRM is only a three-door, it is actually larger than the TRM: a supermini around the size of - and in a similar style to - the Rover 25/MG ZR, it is built on a shortened version of the Gen-2's platform. It will be marketed as an affordable sporting hatch (Proton is bound to emphasise that it has been developed with help from Lotus) and it will replace the Satria. First models up for launch will be 1.3 and 1.6-litre petrol-engined versions, using the same engines as in the Gen-2, with a more powerful GTi model scheduled for later in the year

Hmmm, this year will be a competitive year between Proton and Perodua as their new models really going out of the box not like before. But im sure the new Perodua will kisk ass , and give the competition to Honda Jazz, Chevrolet Aveo and Hyundai Getz but for the pricing of course Perodua is the cheapest. And for the Proton, i really like the new butt of the new Satria even the front looks is as the same as GEN.2. There's no comment about the Proton interrior as there's no snap on the interrior but i guess it will look as GEN2. And the new Perodua is superb.

p/s: But if you noticed, the aircond part still win by Proton but the accessories i give the honour to Perodua. BTW, if you guys wanna see more pictures on the new Perodua and Proton new model please go to My Album

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