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After raya everybody's wanna stay home till next pay day for a money. Nescafe kickstart is a good realiti TV show this is the first Malaysian based reality TV not focussing on singging or entertainment competition. As im very please to hear some younger generation got that high ambitions. As i am last 5 years i was thinking if i had money i would start my own scooter brand and sell it nationwide at first. And on that time im also thinking to import the technology from Korea or Taiwan as what i read the used of scooter on that country is wide. So now what do u think? If i start that 5 years ago im now a rich man, see how nitro or comel have a good number of selling even its quality is sucks. And also demak from sarawak. See how modenas increased their selling by introduced 3 models of scooter and suzuki as its glamour model vs125 still maintain as number 1. Hmmm what a good idea it is. But now i have 2 or 3 more ideas that i think is very good to make money. Just waiting my free time to enter Cradle or Kickstart. But it is just maybe..

Announcement to all A.K.R.A.B Cowboys
Futsal Session
Date : Tonite 3/12/2004
Venue : Rio dE Futsal, Subang Jaya
Time : 12 - 1 am

Hari Raya Open House. Huh . During ramadhan i managed to lost about 8 Kg and guess what dude after attend some open houses its negative 7 so the calculation is my weight just lost bout 1-2 kg hahahah. But open house means eat and eat. Last week start it all. On Friday nite i had Futsal with my university colleague and Saturday go to Moira open house (usj) damn Amoi ur cooks is very good and delicious next year as i promise i will bring my tupperware. The planning was to Kajang (umah man) -> Mantin (Umah Zul) -> Seremban (Umah Ija0 -> Final Destination ( Umah Gzagoroth). But Kajang/Mantin was cancelled. Sorry Dude. Then on sunday after wake up in the afternoon go to Mizan's Open House.
Tomorrow 4/12 got 2 houses to go first is Shah at Sg Buloh Country Resort then to Yo's house at Subang Jaya. More likely on sunday also have lunch at my aunty's house in Gombak as she want to make some makan² and after 4pm to Nazida house. Hmmmmmm I got to Jogging. Hey all the MIzan's Open House pIcture is in the (pic from Amanda's camera) as her dream name :P

If anyone got latest Lime magazine check out if any coverage on Simple Plan's showcase last 2 weeks at Zouk KL. I got interview from Lime reporter and they took our picture even we ( me,odeng,afie,afie's gf) just get in there for 2 last songs hahaha.

Dude if anyone got Lyrics from James Baum feat Damien VE - Skirts. PLz fOrWArd to Me!!!!

Oh 7 Dec is My birthday. I want a pair of twins sister.