Jingle Bell all The Way

Hello there, as u all know this saturday 25 dec is a christmas day. So anyone who are going to celebrate it i wish u all Merry Christmas. By the way this year i heard a fews songs from Malaysians singing Merry Christmas song, such as One Buck Shot and the beauty Shelly Leong. But im very like to hear merry christmas song from One Buck Shot, its so catchy.

Yeah Rock The World -v- had been held last weekend and for me win 2 tickets for that concert is a good sign to me lately. For the first time in my life dude, i won a contest. And it is an online contest organize by Pan Global Insurance (www.pgi.com.my). Yeah and i got there with 3 other friends of mine (Benjoe,Odeng,Sme) and we had a really good time even we only get into the Stadium Merdeka AT 910PM. Oh man, i got parking but we have to walk. First band when we get in is Dragon Red and they are finishing their last songs with Rina join them and all man up there are open their shirts and we keep waiting when Rina will rid off her shirts hahahah. And then 7 Collar T- Shirts take a stage with their new songs and they said they will release a new album soon. After that is band called Hidden take a stage with a really good performance by their lead singer (man ur voice damn kewl). And then the most waiting band is on action the CROMOK. Everybody enjoy this legendary band, they started their nite with traditional Terengganu popular folk songs Ulik Mayang di Ulik, dude they are still rock. All people are enjoying it. Fuhhh even though it is rain. And then the last but not least is DISAGREE band. Man if u doesnt hear their songs yet you should go to their websites (www.disagreeband.com) and download the sample of their songs , all of it from their 1st album. Very good songs there but the crowd really happy with their performance that nite and they start it with their hit song Crumbs, Suicide Note, Scarecrow Adams and last songs with Jason Lo ( i dont know what song it is). For more pictures go to MyRockTheWorld-Album

p/s: starting tomorrow i'll be all alone here at PTM. Amanda syiqi have u get ur panadol?

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