Just A Lil Story

Starting Friday Eve :
~ Be4 i go back to my home .. im just get boring because i still cant test my nagios either successfull or not. But suddenly be4 i go back i just play around with httpd.conf and after i disable that line .. thats all httpd service can start and no probs and after that i take my organizer and go home. Dun want to stay at the office anymore.. nagios? We continue on Monday lah.
~ That nite.. najib told me that he had bad boys2 ticket booked already . So im on .. and went to the Midvalley that nite.. good story... so satisfied rather than watch THE HULK

On Sat :
Hmmmm .. just laying at home till noon... . On 2 pm i went to menara citibank to pay my bro's Credit Card... so that is the first time i went to that tower.. at nite i go to bbc

sunday? ::-
Sunday morning : Sleeping
Sunday eve : Went to KLCC ... SO MANY YEARS im not buy any serious books.. and now im start reading (my family maybe will suprise) .. thats true wat cikgu razak from kuching...omegatrend publish a new malay :
so i buy 2 book sat Konikuniya :
1 :: Wink and Grow Rich
- im interested to buy this book coz wat it contains.. its not just ordinary books... u know if u try to c it one day... it is illustrated well by its author.
2 :: PArty Holloween : I like this kind of books... investigating the murder.. alll the aliby... all the suspects.. proof and anything keep me thinking.

At 6pm i went to my remie's house ... he want to buy a new PC.. PC fair is now in da town. So after go to PWTC .. fuh 1st time i went to PC fair an hour be4 it is close :
My Frens take a package pc .. but its still good : P4 2.4E GHZ, Intel 845e MainBoard, 64MB Geforce4 440MX ,Western Digital 40 Ghz of HDD with 5400rpm,128MB RAM, NEW 17 INCH PHILIPS FLAT SCREEN and some more specs. that i hv forgot.. and below altec lancing. And + 2 shirts .. hahhaahah.. and after get back from there.. meet aiman and 3 of us go to kedai to eat lor.

Although today monday .. is a bad starting week for me !!!!!!!!
- This morning im wake up at 9 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rushing to the office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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