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· What is this program called?
o It is called Omegatrend Fast Track Business. It can guarantee you to live the life you’ve always wanted to before. More money and more time for yourself. Some ppl have money but dont have time and most of us don’t even money and time. Omegatrend give you the opportunity to have both money and time.

· Tell me more
o Its actually a franchise multilevel marketing. Every points yang orang bawah dapat, 100% will be ours too. It is like the point is doubled, tripled and so on.
o This business is 100% legal. Certified by Malaysian government.
o Join venture by Citibank - a very establish and one of the oldest and biggest bank in the world. Citibank conducted a 2-year research before making decision to do a join venture with Omegatrend
o The concept “turn daily expenses into income” – Example: Kita beli ubat gigi Colgate, kita cuma dapat barang dia . habis pakai, buang. Pastu beli lagi. But, dengan concept Omegatrend, every cent yg kita belanjakan untuk barang harian akan ditukar kepada point. Point ni, bila cukup bulan, akan di tukar kepada duit. Product yang dimaksudkan tu ialah Sanden Brook. Australian product. International quality. Ada wide range of product; cosmetic, toiletries, detergent, food, health supplements etc. pendek kata, ur daily consumption stuffs.
o If you don’t want to buy Sanden Brooks products, you can always buy other products or services using Citibank credit card to earn points. Example : shopping baju di mana-mana supermarket, bayar duit minyak, bayar bil telefon etc.
o As you can see, this business doesn’t require you to do extra thing. What you need to do is just to change your shopping style. What more can you ask to earn such a high level of income :).

· In short, what exactly do have to do once I join this business.
o It is very simple. Just collect minimum 30 points every month and invite people to do the same; you are on your way to your dream!

· What if I do not manage to collect 30 points for the month?
o In order to be eligible for monthly income, you must top up at least 30 points for that particular month. The more points you collect or the more people join under you, the more money you will get.

· I bet it would be a hard job to invite people to join. What would you say?
o To ease your mind, there are only 3 people allowed to be your direct dowline. From all the people that you know of, there must be some 3 guys that would consider to join this business. You know best who they are. Tak susah carik orang nih. Your upline or orang atas will be more than happy to help u to find people if you were to have problems. Anyway, your upline will never succeed if you do not succeed ;). That’s the beauty of this business. It is designed such a way so that every individual joining the business would have the same equal opportunity.

· What is the prospect of Omegatrend?
o Exist only in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. Originally established in Australia in 1990. 1995, expanded to NZ. 1997, introduced in Malaysia. So, you see, it is recession proof. Kalu tak, tak mungkin akan survive sampai skang kat M’sia. Because the marketing plan is not designed for selling product but for your daily lifestyle. Even in recession period, people still have to eat, wash, groom and so on. If recession strikes again, it can be guaranteed that it won’t effect this business. In addition, soon akan penetrate market US, EU, Japan and other Asian country. Just imagine how big the market would be. Imagine the people in these countries to be our downline. Imagine the points that we will receive from them. I couldn’t say more.

· Why should I join Omegatrend? What is so special about it compared to other program?
o International membership. Apa maksudnye? Cth; ada MLM lain yg membershipnye terhad di satu country saje. Eg, satu negara tu, sorang je pegang. Member dari negara lain takkan akan dpt hasil dari negara tu. But, in Omegatrend, it is an international membership basis. Orang yg paling tinggi dalam structure kita ialah di Australia. So, hasil dari NZ dan M’sia, dia akan dpt jugak. Remember, US, EU, Japan etc akan duduk bawah kita. Humm… tok sah citer la incomenye berapa. For a long-term business, I don’t see why we shouldn’t give it a shot.
o Furthermore, I know how u ppl hate selling things as much as I do. Walah..! this business doesn’t require u to sell anything (except.. maybe u have to sell ur ayer liur skit to invite ur friends to do the same as u do..). just use the product, and wait the check to be deposited into ur account every month.
o There r much much more benefit waiting for us; which I’m very positive u’ll love them. A lot of ppl in these 3 countries has changed their lifestyle becoz of Omegatrend, and more will come. Why not we join the crowd, and see the maximum potential of ourselves. Once dah join, satu hari , I/Allah, pasti akan dapat hasil jugak. Its just how FAST or how SLOW u want it to be.

· Why do I have to join this kind of business where I got my wages every month as well?
o Aku suke nak address kan business ini sebagai side income. Analogically, kalau kita makan gaji tiap bulan, its like, tiap tiap hari kita angkut sebaldi ayer dari sungai ke rumah kita. Buat basuh, minum, etc. No matter how laju kite jalan, hasilnye cume sebaldi air. Berhujan, berpanas, hasilnye tetap sebaldi air. Larat ke kite nak angkut tiap hari? Tapi, dengan business seperti ni, its like, kita bina terusan dari sungai terus ke rumah kita. Mungkin kita akan susah pada awalnya; korek alur utk buat terusan tu. But, it’s just for a while. Hasilnye berterusan. Even waktu kita tgh tido, jatuh sakit ke, hujan, panas, the water will always flow to us. And, as time goes by, the canal will get wider and wider. Bukan ke ini yg most of us inginkan? Bukan la bercita cita nak jadik jutawan. Cuma nak idup senang, cukup serba seri, tak de yg kurang. Sosioekonomi pon meningkat. Jangan biarkan kekurangan wang menjadi penghalang kepada kita untuk mencapai impian kita. With that capital, kita boleh tentukan arah hidup kita sendiri, bukan orang lain yg tentukan.
o Dengan Omegatrend, income kite bley sampai juta-juta everymonth, takde nyer keje makan gaji yang bley bagi income sebanyak nih. Tambah pulak dalam waktu yang singkat.

· How much income money are we talking about?

o First month RM 9.00
o Second month RM 370
o Third month RM 370
o Fourth month RM 3000
o Fifth month RM 4500

By the end of 12th month around 10 500 per month so on……. There is no limit in the amount of income you can get as long as you work for it!

· How is it possible for us to be able to gain such high level of income? Where do the company get that much money?

o Never underestimate the power of business especially multilevel marketing. The amount of money in this business is very high. This company shares their profit with us. The more users they got they more money they give us. Unlike other company, whether they gain profit or lost, the selling price would much be the same and we don’t get a single benefit from their profit except their product.
o Dalam business, masa research je yg paling tinggi cost. Once the product is out, the cost is very small. Macam pepsi, harga cost dalam 10 sen je..tapi dia jual 1 ringgit. The same goes to cosmetic, perfumes etc. From selling the product je dah banyak untung derang dpt.
o Omegatrend banyak lagi business dengan banks like Citibank, and syarikat insuran like Tower Insurance in New Zealand and Primus Telecom in Australia
o Duit 3 ribu, 10 ribu tuh derang subsidi kat kita supaya kita semangat buat mende nih. The more ppl under us, the more customer they will get and the more profit they and you yourself gain.
o Omegatrend saves commercial cost, marketing cost. They do not invest in setting up retail shops, stockist and so on. This alone saves them up to millions of ringgit. They just invest in giving their member subsidies income. For them, investing in their own members is more beneficial than invest in commercial or retail shops. Also, with multilevel marketing, their number of customers will increase over time.

· I see. You got some points there. Convince me more
o This is an offer, an opportunity. All we can do is to expand this opportunity to everybody .Terpulang la pada individu utk grab ke tak. I can say, 2 tahun hidup dgn Omegatrend, I/Allah, pasti tidak akan sama dgn 2 tahun hidup tanpanya. Alang-alang dah hidup tu, isilah ia dengan smthg yg boleh merobah kehidupan. Coz you got nothing to loose, but everything to gain with Omegatrend.

“Do not let the reality changes your dreams, let the dreams change your reality”
*you will get a minimum of RM 3000.00 per month after 4 months of joining Omegatrend business and the RM 3000.00 amount can go up to RM 60 000.00 per month after 1 year!!

MONTH 4 and above

· Once get RM3000.00 level, guaranteed steady income of minimum RM3000 per month for the next 15 months.

· Normally, more than RM3000 per month, as points grow and more people join in.

· Help 3 of your downline to get the RM3000 level – you will get minimum
RM10 500.00 per month for the next 18 months (GUARANTEED) –

· PREMIERE club and above (ambassador and presidential club – refer below) will be given a lot of holiday in overseas for FREE more than once per year!!

· Of course, in 18 months time, points will grow and more people joining, you will get more than RM10 500 per month.

· Help 3 of your downline to achieve RM 10 500 every month level (premiere club) and earn up to RM 22 500.00 per month – AMBASSADOR CLUB.

· Help 6 of your downline to achieve RM 22 500.00 (ambassador club) level and achieve RM60 000.00 per month – PRESIDENTIAL CLUB.

Income will not stop at RM 60 000.00 and will continue growing as points grow and more people join under you.


· Was introduced in Australia in 1990. Expanding to New Zealand years later
· Brought to Malaysia in 1997. Proved that recession didn’t affect the business.
· Future plan – penetrating USA, Europe, Japan etc. Just imagine how the market volume would be.
· 100% legal, certified by Malaysian government.
· Business partner in Malaysia is Citibank. (Citibank did 2 years of research before deciding to do a join venture with this company!! But I don’t think you need that long ;) )

For further details, contact :


HP: 019 – 625 2980