My car use old price fuel!

Didn't believe it? Well its up to u. My fuel miter indicates my tank is full and its full with old price fuel.

Well its started a month ago before our beloved government announce a crazy fuel price hike. I was pumping my car full of petrol 2 weeks before Pak Lah told us to 'UBAH GAYA HIDUP' while he is pumping billions of ringgit in Sabah and Sarawak just to save his and KJ political careers.
I was in Kerteh that time with my wife and on the day when i should go back to KL she want to come with me,so i drive her car then and i leave my car in Kerteh with full of petrol (luckyly no one knows).

And till last week i go back to KL with my car with old fuel price :-D.

P/S: A decade ago, speculator speculated the currency and now they are speculate the oil price. Im certainly sure one day oil will be the currency X factor. So i hope the government will do a brilliant job to make sure our country not becoming a poor nations.