Solaris10 cool command

FIbre Channel Device management command

In solaris10 there's one command that will help you get all info about your fc (fibre channel) device unlike in solaris8 or solaris9 and its called fcinfo;

fcinfo– Fibre Channel HBA Port Command Line Interface


fcinfohba-port [-l] [HBA_port_WWN…]
fcinforemote-port [-ls] [-pHBA_port_WWN] [REMOTE_port_WWN…]
fcinfo [-V]
fcinfo [-?]


fcinfo is a command line interface that collects administrative information on fibre channel host bus adapter (HBA) ports on a host. It also collects data on any fibre channel targets that may be connected to those ports in a Storage Area Network (SAN).


# fcinfo hba-port

HBA Port WWN: 210000e08b074cb5
OS Device Name: /dev/cfg/c1
Manufacturer: QLogic Corp.
Model: 375-3108-xx
Type: N-port
State: online
Supported Speeds: 1Gb 2Gb
Current Speed: 2Gb

BTW, in solaris 8/9 if you wanna get info for FC device few commands involved :
cfgadm -alv, luxadm -r port, luxadm probe, prtpicl or prtfonf and grep for your card target
no in dmesg and /var/adm/messages

P/S: Solaris10 - why they dont want to use it so many shorcuts command in there :)
Node WWN: 200000e08b074cb5