National Automative Police (NAP) VS Fuel Price Hike up

This is the most talk topics all over Malaysia at the moment. I dont want to argue anything because there will be a pro and contra regarding this issue and this will sure effects the Malaysia economy enviroment. But one thing i want to highlight here is each times when the goverment announce the new price for fuel there will always be a comparison table of all ASEAN countries on all media. At the end of the price hikeup announcement show, this is the favourite quotes use by media to show that our's is still one of the cheapest in the region. The quote will similar like this in BM " Walaubagaimana pun, rakyat Malaysia masih menikmati harga terendah bagi seliter petrol berbanding negara-negara ASEAN yang lain".

For me this is very unfair statement, even media try to compare our fuel price with England what a joke. Please do some math on the salary per expenses from their country.

Now, the NAP is out and why not since i dont know when they dont compare our car price with Thailand or Indo car price. Its much fair if gov try to compare with Thai alone as they are also country who had their Automotive industry because as we all know now Thailand has become Detroit for Asia. Please think about it, why Honda Jazz in Malaysia is RM100k but in Thailand around RM70K. Why we can't have a cheapar car... uhhhhhh even CKD model in Malaysia is not much diff with imported car.

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