My work nowdays not pay me not much as i contribute but enough to make living in this big city where all price is much expensive other than any places in Malaysia. Its in Malaysia perspective not to say other country such as UK, US or Japan its not in the conversation. But what i have done here will make myself have a high value in the market.


Im offering email tracing services to anyone in this world who keep receive unwanted or unknown sender in their mailbox. I would say that i can help you out because this is my expertise area. In Malaysia, two major ISPs is in my hand so there's no doubt about my expertise. Now, we look at what internet say about the email tracing.

Sometimes people might send you information or hatemail from a fake address. This can be done quite easily simply by changing the "Sender" and "Return-to" fields to something different. You can do this, since these fields, i.e. your identity, are normally not checked by the mailserver when you send mail, but only when you receive mail.

Every email has a so-called header. The header is the part in which the route the email has taken is being described. Since the header is rather ugly, it is normally hidden by the email programme. Every email programme can display them, though (look into the "Options" or "Preferences" menu).

The mail we use below is a typical, but not rather sophisticated example of faked email. Fortunately for us journalists, most people are not more sophisticated than this. You should however be aware of the fact, that there are much more sophisticated ways to fake mail.

Name : sqew
email : sqew at lycos dot com

If you want to know who are trying to threating you or who are you admirer please do contact me. Im please to help you with a small pay.

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