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Im happy today and fuhhhhhhhh wat a relief man because i have submitted my resignation letter to my HR Manager. She is really a nice person actually from the first day i met her on my interview day, i knew that she is a nice person, she had what we call as a mother's face and still pretty even maybe her ages exceed 40 with Arabic looks. Hmmm, just dont have that much time to get know her well as im going to leave this company soon in two weeks.

Talking about the Job Resignation, nowdays we got what we called Internet that contains anything you want from the bad things and the best things. From a how to calculate 1 + 1 to how to read and to porn site....its all have what we need in our self. So, i just want to give a simple instruction how to submit a resignation letter to your bos from how to write a resignation letter till a moment when you want to see HR personel. In my live a have submit 2 resignation letters, 1 with previous company and 1 that i have submit just now. To get a sample and write it on what you want is as easy as ABC(this is my recipe :p ). Just go to and then choose what category you are in And then insert data according to your details... and then customize and print it hahaha easy rite? Now actually if you go to HR ans said you a a personal matters to talk about they will give you a space to talk... and then you just submit your resignation letter. HR will be a nice person at that time (in case some company their HR sometimes a little bit ego).

Dude if a Job is a gurl im the player.... hahahhahah...... people who know me know why. But till now still cant find a rite gurl for me and for her just dunno ;)

[melody on air]
R.E.M-Imitations of Life
Happy and Cheerfull
Work Outfit plus SPH Jacket - its very cold here my hands going to melt haha


firul said...

hehe...i've also used that site to write a resignation letter :)

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