by : sqew aka syed

Love and Job, the hunting for those two are similar. Its hard to find a true love or your soul mate, as hard as you want to find a great job that will give you a satisfaction to your job lust not only love need a lust and make love but we did not call that as make job :D.

For me get a great job and of course money is coming as second is similar to get a your dream girl. A great job with a good pay, enviroment, good work collegue, nice bos and clean office is a same concept if i can my dream girl with a great body, great attitude, pretty, cute and love you. Both have to leave each other, means that in job perspective you have to love your job then job will love you automatically by giving you a good pay and a promotions. And in love persective, its not totally the same but if you love a girl but thats not mean the girl will love you back, but in this article of course my concern in a stable and good give and take relationship between a girl and a boy .

Cheating, everybody hate liars or peoples who lies on what ever they talk, its hard to take when somebody you love the most lie to you. Same in workplace, when sometimes your work collegue is actually a backstabber you cant avoid that in a real world. Its all the same.

But, there are some lucky people in this world get those two in their lives. Of course a dream job and a dream girl in their hand. The theory here is i think your dream girl will come later on after you are getting your dream job. Its true as usually good job comes with a good pay........... :P

Just a little theory i wrote down here

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HaZyAtI said...

Not necessarily to have a good job then you would get your dream girl. What if, suddenly your good job turn you down so.. does that apply to your dream girl? hey, find someone who could love you the way you are.. [-_^]