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..................i hv a sis as neurologist.. and bro in law as radiologist.. i have a sis as an accountant and her hubby as manager .. i hv a bro as an elec. engineer and good wife .. im also hv a decision maker graduate sis but now work at school wit her husband ... and me as an comp sys.. and my lil bro study at local 'U' in statistic and hv a lil sis that make a good debut at new college as one of a best student ........ huh ....and last but not least.... my father.... as a state tokoh guru this yer and my mum as ibu mithali last month .......huh wat a proud of them all......... :D ..not forget to great to all my niece and nephew

Nurul Syafiqah
Nurul Najihah
Syarifah Faiqa Dayana
Syed Faris
Tengku Muhd Irfan Zikri

luv yall

Neurologisist - Forensics Specialist
Radiologist - X-RAY and (bius² hehehe) Specialist

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Too Phat - Sezzebelle Remix