Me and My Self : Today and This Week | What im fightin' for

:: Me - lately very bz.. after i made the migration server at my office .. my sis. eng. made a fresh installation for RedHat Server. So i have to work from fisrt step back to install, compile and to make my nagios is run smoothly....... but till now i cant solve the authentication probs...................................

:: Last time also i have setup the MRTG for my office bandwith utilization but .. i have to install it back.. damn .. i got so many probs when im trying to install this lass time

:: And recently im involve in Omegatrend - C U in Australia next year ( In Aussie slang ) huhuhuhuhhu

:: My Love life? - dont ask me... got too many commitment to handle even one gurl instead of 3 .. huhuhuhhu wat the heck.. but still lookin' for a good one.. and steady one

Nagios : Network monitoring tools
MRTG : Multi Router Traffic Grapher

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