Netbackup Media in use

ERROR: When attempting a restore, the required media will not mount, stating "Media is in use", when it is known that the media is not physically in use. The restore appears to hang.

We can release the media by the allocationKey :

backupserver-root /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd: ./nbrbutil -dump > /var/tmp/nbrb.out

 Media ID in this case is SL2531

backupserver-root /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd: cat /var/tmp/nbrb.out |grep SL2531
         index=0 (Request provider=TapeSpanProvider resourcename=NEXT MEDIA RESOURCE  userSequence=0 (mediatapespanrequest: request=(MediaRequest: mediaId=SL2531 mediaKey=0 userReservationId= assignedTime=1324299337 usageType=2 mustBeNdmp=no driveName=STVDSADI001_P1_20 drivePath= mediaPool= robotNumber=-1 slotNumber=-1 density=-1 ndmpControlHost= failIfNoMedia=yes externalFile= mediaType=2 mediaSubType=0 isNdmp=false isTirRestore=false isFlashbackupRestore=false isBlockMapRead=false isCatalogBackup=false isGcsCatalogBackup=false isVMWare=false isLifeCycle=false preferVtlToDirectAttachedTape=true) previousid={E371B58A-1DD1-11B2-913D-0003BA36C061} previousFailed=no)))
        MdsAllocation: allocationKey=455557 jobType=2 mediaKey=4005380 mediaId=SL2531 driveKey=0 driveName= drivePath= stuName= ndmpTapeServerName= diskVolumeKey=0 mountKey=0 linkKey=0 fatPipeKey=0 scsiResType=0 serverStateFlags=0

Now release the media by referring its allocation ID which is 455557:

backupserver-root /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd: ./nbrbutil -releaseMDS 455557
Refer here for more information.