How To Add FaceBook Like Button For Blogger (BLOGSPOT)

  1. Goto the Facebook developers page to customize the Like button. The button can be customized to be displayed as “Like” or “Recommend
  2. After customizing the button, click on the Get Code button to get the code to be inserted into the template.
  3. Select the iframe code.
  4. Under your Blogger account, go to Design -> Edit HTML and Click on Expand Widget Templates.
  5. Before making any changes, Download Full Template as a backup (in case it doesn't go as expected you have a valid backup)
  6. Search for the line “
    ” or “
    ” in your template.
  7. Insert the iFrame code under that line (you can customize the height if you think the gap is too much), i use 30px on my site.
  8. Save template and View your blog.