Veritas Storage Specialist Exam 4.0

I came across this discussion group mailing list under veritas-vx group and this guy from Russia i think had this link for download. The exam CD.


When SF4.0 was released VERITAS released a free CD for partners to introduce
them to the new features of SF4.0 and prepare them for SF-040. That CD was free
only for those, who passed FS-035. But I think, because SF 5.0 was resealed
this CD is free for everybody.
You can find some useful material for SF-040 here (most text are in Russian, sorry…)
The CD is here (~173MB)
(it’s in English)

SF documentation can be very use full for exam preparation (this is
SF5.0 NOT 4.0 docs!)

Use this link to investigate exam objectives and take a test
Other free tests: