How to replace devices in a shared storage option configuration on NetBackup media servers

NBU Version: 5.0 and Above
OS : Unix & Windows

Comparing to documents by Symantech. tpautoconf -report_disc on one of the reconfigured servers to produce a list of new and missing hardware
2. run tpautoconf -a to autodiscovery all drives
3. run tpconfig -dl and spot shared drives with MISSING DRIVES
4. run tpautoconf with the -replace_drive drive_name or -replace_robot robot_number option. Also specify the -path hardware_path option. hardware_path is the new hardware path. This is where i search all over to get how path naming conversions in Windows

Unix: tpautoconf -replace_drive DRLTO2_04 -path /dev/rmt/9mn
Windows: tpautoconf -replace_drive DRLTO2_01 -path {1,0,0,4}

5. Now delete shared drives with MISSING DRIVES, with this command.
#tpconfig -delete -drive
6. Now restart Netbackup services.