Growing up in Trengganu by Awang Goneng

Growing Up in Trengganu

by Awang Goneng

Growing Up in Trengganu started life as the much-celebrated blog of Awang Goneng (the pseudonym of UK-based Malaysian writer Wan Hulaimi) until it was found to be too good to exist only in cyberspace. Through a collection of memories retold in glorious colour, he evokes the pleasures of a kampung childhood for the benefit of new generations brought up in air-conditioned condominiums. Listen to the azan call to prayer from the surau of Haji Mat Kerinci, order satay with toast for breakfast, meet notables such as Tun Long the laundry man and Cik Wook Payong Löcöh, whose umbrella turned inside out in a storm, and relive the pleasure of hearing the rain hammer down on a corrugated-iron roof while reading The Beano and eating kuih putu.

Sultans, sweetmeat sellers and shopkeepers all act as springboards as you meander through Trengganu history, and by the end of this book you will have painlessly mastered the ‘Trengganuspeak’ that foils even fellow Malaysians.

#1 local nonfiction bestseller at MPH Bookstores Malaysia!


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