Muse in KL this FEB


Music fans rejoice! One of the most electrifying British rock bands today will be gracing KL with its presence this coming February, brought to you exclusively by Tiger. A band that recently sold out their 70,000 seater show at Wembley last June, Muse is on their 2007 world tour promoting their latest album, Black Holes and Revelations. The album won a Platinum Europe Award after selling one million copies on the continent and their single “Starlight” was a Rock Top 10 hit in the US and the UK.

P/S: Why i disappoint so much? See below :

*Event for non-Muslims aged 18 and above only*



ntah said...

erm..rasa rugi giler tak dapat nak x faham nape utk non muslim je..mungkin ade free gift tiger beer..haha..

knights of cydonia

revo said...

aku layan diorang nyer performance ...mmg awesome laa ...layan Plug In Baby ...Bellamy mmg rocker