Quote #Apr-28th

The End of a Month - NOW EVERYONE CAN FLY

I still not submit my BE Form for Income TAX. Damn now so late what to do now. But who cares, im going back to KT tonite with AIRASIA

Their TAGLINE "NOW EVERYONE CAN FLY" is very generous. They generous bout their business, main objective is who cares how much u make or where you study now evryone can fly - cheap + fast : THATS PEOPLE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR WHEN TRAVELLING.
Unless you wanna go to someplace far away from Malaysia that required extensively more than 5 hours I'll get MAS for that but for 45minutes flying hour just get the cheapest.

Ok guys, have a nice long weekend ahead and enjoy your weekend ! Im sure some of you have a very good plan for this weekend.. cheers !!

p/s: Luv coldplay songs - dont understand somepeople said their song can make them sleepy .. u know who you are... !