MITPE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Why MITPE?
MITPE will give ‘value added’ service and strength to our Malaysian IT workforce, especially in
their knowledge and skill in information technology. This will ensure that they are competitive
and ready to face the global market.
Benefits of IT Professional Examination in Malaysia:
-To encourage students and working adults in conforming to the IT skill standards
and best practice globally
-To ensure the basic IT knowledge and skills of students and working adults are of
international standard
-To assist students who have graduated in enhancing their IT competencies and to
be more employable
-To enhance the competencies of working adults / IT professionals

2. Is MITPE recognized by the IT industry?
Yes. The IT Skills Standard Committee has been established to ensure the IT curricula and
competency levels of IT professionals are of high standards meeting the demands of the IT
industry. The IT committee members comprises of MOHE, JPA, 17 public universities (IT
Council), Open University Malaysia, SIRIM, Pikom, MCMC, MDC, MAMPU and other private
entities. In addition, MITPE is automatically recognized by METI, Japan and thus allowing the
successful candidates to have a higher opportunity to work in Japanese firms based in

3. Does MITPE bring benefits to employment?
With the changes that are continuously taking place in information technology today, the
purpose of the Malaysian Information Technology Professional Examination (“MITPE”) is to
promote both the development of IT professional skills and to evaluate those skills on the
basis of established criteria. To that end, MITPE accomplishes a comprehensive range of all
the skills standards required of IT professionals in the different categories of their expertise.
An IT professional who is qualified with the certification from MITPE will be automatically
recognized as a qualified IT Professional in other participating countries.

4. How many modules in MITPE?

There are 13 modules

1 Fundamental IT Professional Examination (FITPE)
2 System Analyst (AN)
3 System Auditor (AU)
4 Project Manager (PM)
5 Senior Systems Administrator (SD)
6 Application Systems Professional (AP)
7 Systems Management Professional (SM)
8 Network Systems Professional (NW)
9 Database Systems Professional Examination (DB)
10 Embedded Systems Development Professional Examination (ES)
11 Information Systems Security Administrator Examination (SS)
12 Software Design and Development Professional Examination (SW)
13 Systems Administrator Examination (AD)

5. Who should attend the programme?
Graduates and working adults / IT professionals who want to enhance their IT skill
competencies through certification by MITPE.

6. Who will endorse the certificate?
Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) will endorse the certificate.

Dude, this is what is happening now in Malaysia. I know this throughout my colleague at ITTUTOR.NET forum they had been discussed about this Professional Recognition for IT Professional. Its like the Ir given to competend Engineer in Electrical or Civil or Mechanical. But in IT can we have this sort of professional recognition. For me yes we can but it must be conducted spesifically on candidates expertised. So your comments will be much appreciates. Oh, forget to mention this program conducted by Meteor Sdn Bhd (full article including exam fees etc.).

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Sazarul Izam said...

wohoo.. thanks dude. great news for us in malaysia.

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