:: (The Past and Future) * tense

The glarious .....actually the word just came accross my mind and i just type it here.
For this 2 or 3 or 4 weeks since the last time i wrote my blog im in Kajang.
The SATE Town. But till now i still cant find good satay stall there.

Hmmmm.... Its PUASA again. Too many excuses by many people they make so they dont have to PUASA. Its like last 3 days at hospital Kajang i saw a pakcik and her wife sitting in their car. Then some smoke came out, ohhh that uncle do not fasting. But his wife seems a good muslim .... hmm wat ever as long as they are happy for today.

Sometimes a can be so much relax at Hospital, dont have problems and sometimes can have a good sleep in my room. But recently, last week especially.. fuhh the problems is on everyday.
Then at last the Xyplex Terminal Server show itself up haha. I have debug the things one day and the next day choo came and said maybe the configuration is lost. But as i said its faulty, and for sure chip at port 6.7.8 is burn... hmmm i tell u before meh.

AKRAB breaking fast event- when we r going to do this break fasting dude. Last year everyone is still on study and you all plan to make it at the Hotel but at last the Burger King y'all did it ahah. So this year ? where as many of us here working already ... Sheraton? Marriot? huhu

So to all my friends around the world globe from US, ENGLAND, WALES, RUSSIA, JORDAN, JAPAN, SOUTH KOREA, AUSTRALIA and EVERYWHERE ELSE i forgot to mention here... SELAMAT BERPUASA (kalau korang yg tak ponteng la haha!!) and SELAMAT MENYAMBUT HARI RAYA AIDULFITRI soon....

And not to forget Al-Fatihah to my uncle Allahyarham Wan Kamaruddin that passed away last month and also a my friend's father (bern's father) Allahyarham Dato' Zahari.