George Lucas  :> Star Wars and Two Insane Guy @ Morning Crew
Dude, it was a long delay time since my last post.  Like emmmm the delay time to ping a site between Malaysia and Hong Kong that takes 2 times round time.  Its a rubbish anyway.
Then this morning i think JLO and RUDY try to contact George Lucas to talk about the latest star wars movies.  Is it for real or just joking dude. Ahh nevermind lah.
For this week, i think its gonna awful week.  Im tired to work and lil bit moody. Im not in period lah dol. Hahahha.  Yesterday im apply for the post of researcher at mimos for computer forensic field.  Hope can get it.  Im here like a fish in the freeze.  Cannot thinking anymore.  Hey dude, anyone know what food can make my brain smarter like 2 or 3 years back.
Not much i can do, just monitor network traffic here and solve some ridiculous problems here.  Thank god this week the problem is reduce after we install IMSS the spam is reduced.  By the way, there's new option that will block email content's sex or racial.  Then today i saw there's a group of gurl are exchanging sex strories hahahahah.  Damn it. Thank god i can read it. Hahahhahah
Chat² nothing much i can do to throw out  my boring and AC u r kewl. Hahhahahah.
[musique on air]
-Aircond sound bzzzzzzzz